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Our team has been working in the sphere of shoe repairing for more than ten years. Being a family business, we always treat our clients like friends.

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Heels and English heels

No matter what is wrong with your heels, we will fix it.

It is the part of your shoe that constantly comes in contact with the ground, that is why it requires constant update. We provide all possible types of heel`s repairing, starting from slight modernization, up to total heel replacement for women. We can also change the level of heels for men, cover holes inside of shoe, or change the lathering


We can make your shoes more comfortable, adjusting its straps for you.

If you need to punch extra holes for shoes, change an elastic or repair completely broken straps. We can also replace deck shoes and adjust any detail of your sandals to your foot.

Tips – Toe of shoe

Adjust these two areas that wear out the fastest from normal wear.

We offer qualitative replacement of front tip of shoe. You can choose materials by your own, it can be weather leather or rubber. To prolong the period of exploitation taps can also be placed on front of shoe.

Full soles replacement for men

Prolong life of your favorite shoes.

Here you can get thin rubber protectants to prolong life of your original shoe. If you have bought some pair of shoe, that appeared to be of a low quality, we can re-stitch and repair what is undone, place wedges and shank.


You can create unique design for your shoes.

We can add special pads inside of your shoe, create rocker bars and incorporate arch support inside of it.


Customize your shoes easily.

You should know that taper the backs-boots must be measured on the customer to insure proper fit. At the same time, we can cut tops if needed.

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